Jeff Whyman


Painting has always been one of my greatest passions. From my early childhood to the present, I have always loved and been inspired by color, paint and the life God has introduced me to.


Up until the early 1980's, my painting has primarily involved the use of the figure - either in imaginary human situations, on the side of narrative, to the emotionally diverse and direct use of paint and singular figurative expressionism.

The Oldest Olive Tree Paintings

The Oldest Olive Tree Paintings are inspired by my Pastel drawings of actual 2000 year old Olive Trees in and around Israel. We were traveling in Israel in 2011 where at the time I had been invited to give a Ceramics workshop at the art School in Jerusalem . The trees we saw and traveled to see have a very special feeling and have a mystical Ora .I feel in love with their figurative forms filled with a hidden sense of Wisdom and knowledge.

In 1983 while visiting Cannon Beach, Oregon with an old friend I was completely swept away and passionately inspired by "Haystack Rock", the surrounding rugged Oregon Coast landscape and Great Pacific ocean. Haystack Rock has a hidden volcanic energy of expressions and faces, which were revealed to me in a Biblical sense that could only come directly from my Almighty Father.

Haystack Rock

I began to have a romance and intimate relationship with this monumental 330 ft. towering Rock, just yards off the beach, and all the rest of the encompassing terrain and ocean. The trees, mountains, dunes, grasses, ocean waves and constantly changing atmosphere of the light, wind, rain and mist. If VanGogh and Monet could have been with me there at this holy ground of painterly exuberance and inspiration, no doubt we would have painted side by side and become good friends. Somehow through the Spirit of God I know they were guiding me and watching over me.

Working from creation, with the power of God's inspiration and love behind, in the midst and in front of me; has propelled me into an eternal and fully charged adventure of painting from creation - even now the newest works of Galaxies. This hand held unconditional love and teaching from the Creator of the Universe himself - in all areas of my creative endeavors - has given me a sense of peace, fulfillment, and endless childlike enthusiasm in the process of my Artistic Journey...Never-ending and always giving.


Jeff Whyman October 2013